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Allison Ward Earns Project Management Professional Certification 

Hard work and dedication are the keys to success.

Public Knowledge® (PK) management consultant Allison Olson completed her Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) from the Project Management Institute and is now poised to offer predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches to help our clients succeed on projects of all sizes.

What does it Mean to Have a PMP Certification?  

When you choose to work with a management consultant with this in-demand certification, you know that they are highly skilled in working with teams, effective in their management process, and masterfully construct the project and organizational strategies.  

“It is a certification that many people at our firm have, and a credential that some of our clients look for when selecting a firm for their projects.”  

Allison Ward

The PMP certification takes a holistic approach to the project management process to ensure those who attain this impressive achievement can effectively manage the different phases of project management. 

Going the Extra Mile 

PK prioritizes professional development to help both our staff and clients succeed. As an international consulting firm that believes everyone should be lifelong learners, PK’ers have dedicated time and allocated funds to work towards certifications and other professional development endeavors.  

Let PK Help Your Organization Reach Your Goals 

We have over 30 years of experience helping our clients solve challenging problems and navigate complex environments. PK would love the opportunity to leverage that experience to help you, too! Learn more about the consulting services we offer.  

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