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Florida International University Recognizes Victor Sims as a Real Triumph Graduate 

We are proud of the people at our firm who are always striving for excellence. 

Management consultant Victor Sims earned his master’s degree in Business Administration from Florida International University. In addition to this tremendous educational achievement, Victor was one of the few selected as a Real Triumph Graduate.  

Graphic congratulating Victor Sims on being selected as Real Triumph from Florida International University

What it Takes to Become a Real Triumph Graduate  

Florida International University recognizes those who have pushed the boundaries on what is possible. These graduates are nominated by faculty members who have recognized and seen firsthand their relentless perseverance in achieving their goals. As a first-generation college student and now MBA holder, Victor is an example of a thought leader who is always looking for the next opportunity to expand their capabilities.  

“I am incredibly grateful for each and every person I have met on this journey. There are countless people that have taken the time to talk to me over the past three years to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to thank each and every one of you for telling me to persevere and showing me that the life I want is just on the other side of my comfort zone.” 

Victor Sims, Management Consultant

Expanding Our Knowledge 

Pursuing meaningful educational opportunities allows us to apply these newfound capabilities to our clients.  It is not a secret that the most valuable asset that PK has to offer is our people. We have subject matter experts who have dedicated decades to their respective fields and now choose to use that knowledge to help our clients succeed.

Dedication to Better Serving Our Clients 

Exploring our interests and passions is pertinent to both personal and professional growth. As a firm that seeks to support our people in this endeavor, everyone receives paid time to devote to professional development goals of their choice.  

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