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Jerry Milner Guest on “One in Ten” Podcast, Talking About His View on Primary Prevention

Jerry Milner, Director of Family Integrity Justice Works (FIJ Works) at Public Knowledge®, recently appeared on the “One in Ten” podcast, hosted by NCA Executive Director Teresa Huizar. The conversation begins with his first experience at a child welfare agency. Furthermore, he speaks on his views on primary prevention and what’s next to put these plans into motion.

What is his envision, exactly? A child welfare system focused on strengthening families—a system that is proactive instead of reactive.

When reflecting on his position at the child welfare agency he worked at in college, he said:

“I was getting an education while that was happening. It was, at the same time, overwhelming for me at my young age to have the level of responsibility that was put upon me for helping them, for working with them for decision making. But also excited that I had an opportunity to do something that I knew would have lifelong effects for those people I came into contact with.”

Jerry Milner, Director of Family Integrity Justice Works at Public Knowledge®

About the Podcast

Sponsored by the National Children’s Alliance, the “One in Ten” podcast strives to solve the problem of child abuse by engaging the brightest minds in the industry. Conversations within this podcast are with the experts in matters of science, law, medicine, morality, and messaging.

Give it a Listen

Jerry and the team at FIJ Works at Public Knowledge® dedicate themselves to doing this work. Head on over to the podcast or the idea post to learn more.

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