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Expanding Our Horizons  

As a firm of lifelong learners, we take the education we acquire and apply it to our work with our clients and beyond. 

Public Knowledge® management consultant Lara Fors is dedicated to personal and professional development. Her newest certifications are a testament to how there are learning opportunities readily available to those who are searching for them. Certified as a ToP facilitator in addition to Mediation-Core and Domestic Mediation certified, we are proud to celebrate her achievement.

Graphic congratulating Lara on becoming a ToP facilitator and certified in Mediation Core and Domestic Mediation

Advancing Her Skillset  

Lara earned three valuable certifications, including:  

The Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitator  

  • As a ToP Facilitator, Lara can use a four-level sequence of questions. These questions move the discussion from a group’s initial thoughts and interpretations to gather clear conclusions. Used for over 40 years, it is incredibly effective in helping groups make sense of information and to take action.  It is also a baseline facilitation methodology of our firm.

Core Mediation

  • Learning proper mediation takes time and effort. As a Core Mediation certification holder, Lara understands and can properly draw from conflict theory, negotiation theory, and communications theory to aid in her communication efforts.  

Domestic Mediation  

  • Navigating complex discussions requires skilled mediation. Certified in Domestic Mediation, Lara is experienced in topics such as impasse-breaking techniques, financial issues in divorce, parenting plans, agreement writing, post-divorce conflicts, issues related to never-married parents, and domestic violence. 

People Are at the Heart of What We Do  

While we serve as a catalyst to take your thoughts, ideas, and goals and turn them into reality—Public Knowledge® knows that’s only part of the equation. The people involved are just as important as the outcome of the project. By pursuing certifications of this nature, we expand our capabilities to assist our clients in meaningful ways.  

A Company Culture Providing Opportunities for Growth 

Our firm prioritizes providing our people with a well-rounded employee experience. From hosting our bi-annual SPARK summit and providing dedicated paid time and budget for professional development to PTO for volunteering efforts, Public Knowledge® invests in our people.

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