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Leading Through Lived Expertise

Victor’s experience through foster care and adoption empowers his work.

Elevating the voices of those who have endured the practices of the child welfare system is important to Public Knowledge®. Approaching these systemic issues requires first-hand, lived expertise to be effective. Based on his experience in foster care and going through adoption at age 12, management consultant Victor Sims harnesses this powerful perspective in his work.

Navigating Foster Care and Adoption 

Placed in foster care as an infant, Victor remembers living in at least 11 different homes. While he reflects fondly on the exposure to other holidays and traditions, it also allowed him to shape what he desired for his future family when he was adopted. This led to him working with his child welfare professional to make more specific requests for future homes. 

He values that he was urged to look at the adoption process as a decision he was a part of, giving him a voice. Adopted at the age of 12, he was also reunited with his biological sister. 

“In all, I don’t regret the experience personally. I always look back at it and think, ‘Yes, it was long, but it was probably one of the most powerful and right experiences for me.’” 

Victor Sims, Management Consultant at Public Knowledge®

A Trauma-Informed Approach 

As a child welfare advocate with lived expertise, he brings this perspective into his work for Public Knowledge®. 

“I also teach the practice I wish was available to every child. For example, I truly heard the voices of every one of the children who were under my care and influence. I was going to do whatever was necessary to make sure they were completely heard, seen, viewed, and valued.” 

Victor to Publish His First Book

Victor will publish his first book and memoir, drawing from his personal experiences.  

The Day I Stopped Crying: A Journey Towards Belonging

In his memoir, he shares the pain inflicted by an uninformed and neglectful system.  

“The journey is a deep dive that will not expose my personal trauma but that in which led my heart to create something that really focuses on belonging.” 

A sense of belonging is crucial for everyone, especially those enduring an uncaring system.  

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