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PK Management Consultant Shares Child Welfare Lived Experience

Victor Sims, Management Consultant at Public Knowledge®, got involved with Imprint News after he became the recipient of the 2020 Casey Excellence in Children’s Award. In March of 2021, Victor provided an Op-Ed, For Teens in Foster Care, It Takes a Village to Raise but a Family to Show Love, to Imprint sharing his Child Welfare Lived Experience.

“Sharing my story is important because I know that other current children, former children, and future children are making the same call. A call to normalcy or a more traditional way of living. We have to reduce children coming into care, staying in care, as well as the way that we support them while they are in care.”

Victor Sims, management consultant

Due to the robust nature of the Child Welfare system, Victor finds value in sharing his story to inspire others to fix problems and to put the children at the center of their work. The op-ed highlights his experience and reinforces why he has made the decision to support Child Welfare professional in his career and volunteerism.

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