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The University of Texas at Austin Highlights Noelita  

Reflecting on her position as a management consultant and past academic experience, she shares her hopes for the future. 

Noelita, Programs Practice Director at Public Knowledge® is featured in a recent spotlight from The University of Texas at Austin, her alma mater. She shares how her course work as a graduate student provided Noelita with her first consulting experience and her approach as a management consultant.

Her Career at PK

Noelita has been with Public Knowledge® after a 19-year career at the Texas Attorney General’s office. In her role as the Programs Practice Director, she assesses operations, gathers information about root causes, and develops workable solutions to improve employee engagement and service delivery.

“Sometimes when we’re in a public service position, we’re inclined to solve problems for people, but that’s not our role,” said Lugo. “Really it’s honoring people’s autonomy and spotlighting options but not going in and thinking we can solve other people’s problems for them.”

Noelita Lugo

College Provided a Safe Learning Environment to Grow

According to Noelita, courses through her Nonprofit Studies portfolio at the University of Texas at Austin presented the first opportunity in consulting. Additionally, the coursework in the program gave her invaluable knowledge of public policy, nonprofit leadership, and fiscal management, all of which are relevant to the work she does at our firm.

What it Means to be a Disruptor

As an advocate, she shares the challenges that come with implementing change in systems or organizations; within that, there are either disruptors or sustainers of the system. Remaining steadfast in her shows her ability to represent an organization while guiding the work toward impactful, lasting transformation

We’re a Value-Driven Consulting Firm

Public Knowledge® approaches every client interaction and project within our values. We embody our values of inclusion, teamwork, impact, drive, connection, progress, transparency, and knowledge transfer, and our mission is to leave a positive impact.

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