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Innovation with IT Purchasing

Progressive procurement agencies look for ways to make their processes more effective and efficient.

When you use IT effectively, you empower personnel to make better decisions, streamline processes, and maintain quality of service in all aspects of your agency. So when applying innovation, we recommend starting with your IT procurement process to set the tone for success.

When you integrate IT purchasing innovations into your procurement practices, you start reaping the benefits as soon as the technology is implemented. For decades, we have helped clients nationwide strengthen their IT procurement processes to produce long-term value.

Our Recommendations for Innovative IT Purchasing:

  • Write solicitations that describe a problem and ask for a solution. This allows suppliers to propose innovative ideas that could provide better value to the state.
  • Make purchasing decisions based on overall value rather than price alone.
  • Form long-term strategic partnerships with qualified suppliers.
  • Share risks and benefits with suppliers.
  • Create a pool of qualified suppliers and master contracts.
  • Focus on sustainable and green procurement.
  • Direct state resources to strategic sourcing and cooperative purchasing agreements to gain volume pricing from suppliers.
  • Use reverse auctions, purchasing cards, and multiple award contracts.

Many state agencies take advantage of the NASPO ValuePoint supplier list to streamline the vendor selection process. We became a NASPO-approved vendor in the fall of 2019. This enables us to quickly address your solicitation needs so that you have time and energy to focus on priorities. In addition, we have a variety of pre-established master service agreements across the nation to ensure a quickened procurement process for your endeavors. We want to be readily available to our clients, so we can help faster.

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