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We bring our full set of project oversight and program improvement skills to agencies seeking to modernize their labor and workforce services programs.

Whether you are improving business processes, replacing or modernizing your systems, responding to changes to state or federal regulations, or training your own workforce, we can help.

We have been assisting the department of labor and workforce services agencies improve system development and service delivery outcomes for nearly two decades. Our vast knowledge has supported the transformation of these programs across the nation, including unemployment tax and benefit programs. We bring unique tools and deep expertise that informs our work. From advancing economic development efforts, financial independence, educational opportunities, or technical services to implement new systems, our solutions help you achieve positive outcomes.

Our consultants apply their broad subject matter knowledge and tested strategies to create successful change. Many of our consultants worked in state offices, and this hands-on experience lends credibility to our processes that are tailored to your project. We have provided QA, IV&V, software testing, and security-related services to state workforce agencies nationwide. Our clients trust our approach to systems implementation and seek our services for lasting improvement. We also deploy business process reengineering, organizational change, and training methodologies that include facilitation, coaching, visioning, assessments, analysis, and actionable recommendations and practical strategies. Our training practice employs adult learning principles, role-play scenarios, repetition, evaluation, and support for individuals.

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Workforce and Labor programs throughout the nation at various levels are vital to economic advancement and community prosperity. We created a variety of approaches and tools to strengthen workforces, and change communities’ trajectory for decades to come.

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