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Furthering Inclusion and Leadership Through Inclusivv Partnership

A commitment to inclusion.

At Public Knowledge® (PK), we believe in setting goals and making fundamental, lasting changes. Inclusion, one of our core values as a firm, is interwoven into our PK Impact Leadership™ Methodology. Our journey towards fostering a more inclusive environment takes a significant step forward with our partnership with Inclusivv. This collaboration brings enriched content on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging (DEIB), and other leadership topics facilitated by trained PK staff through meaningful conversations. Which, in turn, will be a significant resource in our work with our clients. 

Expanding our Curriculum

Our partnership with Inclusivv introduces an array of structured conversations. Doing so will expand our DEIB resources and training, tailored to nurture inclusive leadership and foster a supportive, understanding community. These topics include: 

  • Inclusive Leadership 
  • Mental Health Awareness 
  • Guts and Grace 
  • Tackling Unconscious Bias 
Julie Breedlove

“Our People Practice is threaded into almost all of the work we do. Having more resources on how to build more connections and have meaningful conversations will make an incredible impact.”

People Practice Director Julie Breedlove

About Inclusivv

Inclussivv’s work centers on creating a culture of trust, inclusion, and respect through meaningful conversations. Additionally, this organization champions the cause of meaningful engagement through a unique blend of awareness, understanding, commitment, and action. Their model fosters respectful dialogue, encouraging a more profound sense of understanding and community. Specializing in facilitation training, civil dialogue, and enriching conversation experiences, Inclusivv is dedicated to making a significant impact and furthering connections through courageous conversations. 

“Our experience with Inclusivv has been overwhelmingly positive. Working with an organization that shares our values is fundamental to furthering our work in this space.”

DEIB Facilitator Sara Melendez
Sara Melendez, Management Consultant

Our Continued Dedication

Our commitment to DEIB extends through our partnership with Dr. Ramon Pastrano, an expert in culture architecture, transformational leadership, and change management. Utilizing tools like the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI), we are focused on fostering an environment that embodies our core values of inclusion, teamwork, and impact. We are on an ongoing mission to create a more inclusive, understanding, and cohesive community within the firm and with our clients. 

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