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Our Path to Maintaining the PK Culture

How we show up for our people day-to-day develops how we function as a firm overall.

The culture we cultivate at Public Knowledge® (PK) is integrated into everyday interactions. It is important to us that we continuously evaluate how we’re showing up for our people, ensuring they’re getting what they need to thrive. This is more than work performance. The PK Culture is about building opportunities for connection, knowledge sharing, and teamwork in our day—which are values of PK.

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How We Operationalize Our Values to Build Our PK Culture

The PK Way: Part of our annual performance evaluations measure how we operationalize our firm’s values through peer feedback. The PK Way translates our firm values into practice. This ensures we are “walking the walk” regarding our firm’s values when interacting with clients and each other.

Communities of Practice: While we consult on many areas at PK, our primary consulting areas are child support, child welfare, and health and Medicaid. We have created monthly Communities of Practice for each of these respective areas. Sharing ideas, navigating challenging areas, and educating others on relevant industry news is invaluable.

New Employee Cohort: Onboarding at PK is a mindful, comprehensive process. Part of this journey includes our New Employee Cohort. This is a way for those to have a group going through the same experiences, led by people in the firm who can navigate solutions and discussions.

DEIB Leaders Group: The DEIB Leaders Group, open for anyone to join, stewards thoughtful conversations and develops messaging to further this work.

Regional Focus: Our people work around the United States and Canada as a multinational, exclusively remote consulting firm. Every person is assigned to a region led by a regional vice president. This provides structure and a support system for those more centrally located to each other.

SPARK Conference: Cultivating a sense of connection is vital to any company. It is especially critical when working remotely. Our bi-annual SPARK conference, one virtual and one in person, is our opportunity to learn from each other and connect.

Knowledge Shares: Every person and team at Public Knowledge® brings unique insights from which we can all learn. Our monthly Knowledge Shares allow people to volunteer to share and answer questions.

Creating a Place Where People Thrive

Our goal is to create a place where people enjoy what they do. A place where people show up knowing they are valued and celebrated for the unique talents they bring to the firm. Every one of us drives the PK Culture, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Learn About the Eight Phases of the PK Journey

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