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Public Knowledge® Hosts its First In-Person, Firm-Wide SPARK Conference 

The PK Perspective. 

Public Knowledge® comes together twice a year to hold our SPARK conference. A time to come together, learn from one another, and connect. This year was special because this is the first one since we have merged, in addition to the barriers from the recent public health crisis. This year we met in Houston, and it was a pleasure for our firm to be together in person. 

S – Supporting the

P – Pursuit of

A – Authentic

R – Relationships and

K – Knowledge

Centered Around Connection 

This year’s SPARK conference activities centered around the connection. As an exclusively remote consulting firm, these opportunities are invaluable. Having shared experiences helps to form foundations that help us continuously evolve into the inclusive, close-knit, effective team we want to be.  

“We believe in connecting with each other, connecting with our clients, and connecting our clients with the people they serve. We keep this perspective at the center of all that we do.” 

Learning from Each Other 

Public Knowledge® has the pleasure of having a wide variety of expertise areas. That said, we want to ensure our people are well-versed in our consulting areas. Not only does it grow our understanding of one another, but it allows us to champion for each other. We are proud of every person at our firm; everyone has a unique experience that is vital to helping us create the unique solutions we offer our clients. Our strength lies in our diversity.

A few of our SPARK sessions included:  

  • The “I” in Diversity 
  • Services Practice Area Roundtables 
  • Industry Science Fair 
  • PK Mission and Vision Refresh Workshop  
  • “Houston, We Solved a Hard Problem” Full Firm Dinner and Costume Party 
  • Management Consulting, the Market, and Core Management Consulting Skills 

Our People Are Our Greatest Asset 

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