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The Importance of Self-Awareness in Diversity

Curiosity leads to celebration.

Our early experiences contribute to how we see our lives as adults. Someone growing up in a culturally diverse environment may see the world differently than someone who may not.

Stephanie, Marketing Director of Public Knowledge® and former Chamber of Commerce executive, shares the impact of living in a military community as a child. This constant exposure to other children from diverse backgrounds sparked curiosity.

To celebrate diversity, we have to be curious about who we are as individuals. Self-awareness is what allows us to want to see the diversity in the world.

Stephanie Meisner-Maggard, Marketing Director of Public Knowledge®

Stephanie’s thirst for knowledge did more than expand her worldview. It uncovered a desire to lean into a desire to gain more self-awareness as she reached adulthood. To see diversity in the world, there must first be an ability to reflect.

Once we see the diversity in the world, we will seek it out more frequently. We will want to understand different perspectives and start to gather new ideas. Gathering new knowledge and insights can help us to become more self-aware. 

What It Means to be a Diversity-Focused Firm

Our strength lies in our diversity; inclusion is one of our core values. Public Knowledge® believes in continuously creating a safe space for open, inclusive, and diverse participation of all peers, clients, and ideas. In doing this, we build high levels of trust and belonging.

Do You Lead with Curiosity?

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