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Prosci Change Management Certification Supports Better Outcomes

Doing our part to support organizational change.

Bree Thompson is the newest Public Knowledge® (PK) management consultant to earn the Prosci Change Management Certification. This means she is another resource to assist our clients with the people side of change. 

Why Work with a Prosci Certified Consultant?

For a change in your organization to succeed, it is crucial to consider the people it will impact. This method helps to build more awareness, increase the desire for change, increase the knowledge about what is coming, and ultimately build confidence to help reinforce the change when it does occur. While navigating something new as an organization has many moving parts, having the right partner will help you manage it from start to finish.   

What is Prosci?

The Prosci methodology is a three-phase approach designed to guide and facilitate change. This model drives a holistic approach, including the preparation, management of the change, and how to sustain the outcome. With the Prosci Change Management Certification, Bree has the skills to lead sustainable change effectively.

We Focus on the People Side of Change 

People are your organization’s most valuable asset. It’s one of the reasons why PK’s project management methodology, DitDah™, focuses on the people side of project management. Focusing on fostering strategic partnerships, healthy project teams, and effective individual contributions leads to lasting, impactful outcomes. Our focus on the people involved in projects correlates to our dedication to living by values

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How We Can Help Your People Thrive

PK is so passionate about the people side of organizations that we have specific consulting services to support high-impact leaders, teams, and individuals to inspire change.  

PK Ripple™ Organizational Performance Model and the PK Impact™ Leadership Model 

Are you looking to build inclusive, impactful leadership teams? Are you seeking ways to identify success factors or clarify your organization’s values, missions, or goals? PK Ripple™ Organizational Performance Model and the PK Impact™ Leadership Model focus on the long-term benefits of building inclusive and highly-effective teams to drive impact. 

Inspire Change 

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