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Value-Driven Partnering

Rooted in our values, every interaction with our colleagues and clients is guided by our principles.  

Value-driven partnering means leading from your principles in all situations. Understanding your alignment of values helps to set expectations of how best to operate when working with one another. Dedicated to nurturing that trust with every single one of our clients, Public Knowledge® is genuinely invested in helping our clients reach their goals. Our firm’s values are more than a statement; they embody what we hope to accomplish in every partnership. Therefore, the values can serve as a compass to find the right partners for your organization.

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What is Value-Driven Partnering?

At our management consulting firm, our values were not chosen at random. Instead, they were a summary of how we see the world and our goals for the future. They help us cultivate a culture, and this is what sets the stage for how we work with our clients. Having a set of values we truly believe in provides direction and a path for continuous improvement. Paired with our desire to always serve as a catalyst for change, we constantly strive to leave a positive impact during every interaction. 

Demonstrating values is how you know an organization is value-driven. Their actions can continuously be linked to their value system, from decisions making to everyday communications. Have you ever received an email, and the message was unclear? Then later, you hear from the email sender they pride themselves on clarity. You immediately notice falsity. Often, this can cause mistrust and discomfort. Being aware of this dissonance will help you identify value-driven organizations.

Know Your Organizational Values

Have you taken the time to assess and determine your own organizational values? If not, you can first establish them by being aware of what makes your culture unique and admired by the customers and clients you serve. You will start to notice themes and can then summarize them into values. By taking the time to define them, you can then be able to perform a more thorough assessment of whether or not you are partnering up with the right organizations.

Our PK Values 

We recognize the fundamental value and strength of all individuals. Our teams create a safe space for open, inclusive, and diverse participation of all peers, clients, and ideas. We build high levels of trust and belonging.We do more than just work together. We respect, trust, and care for each other. This collaboration and belonging extend to our clients as much as our colleagues.

We approach every engagement with our energy focused on identifying the right goals, outcomes, and strategies. We believe we each have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on our projects and our world.We push forward despite challenges and difficulties, applying our skills and assets to improve outcomes. We are determined, tenacious, humble, positive, resilient, and always focused on our client’s goals. We truly love the work we do, and we have a lot of fun along the way.
ConnectionProgressTransparencyKnowledge Transfer
We believe in connecting with each other, connecting with our clients, and connecting our clients with the people they serve. We keep this perspective at the center of all that we do.We want each engagement to build upon the last, advancing towards the goal of leaving the world better than when we started. This is our ultimate reward for generating the evidence to understand what works and its impact.We operate from a place of clarity, openness, and candor. Our reputation is everything, and we take it very seriously. We seek ways to build this trust with our clients and colleagues and always adhere to the highest ethical standards.Unselfishly serving the common interests returns greater dividends than merely serving ourselves individually. We support each other and our clients by freely sharing our knowledge with one another, enabling others to quickly gain and deliver insights.

Guided By Our Principles 

Every decision we make as a consulting firm or working with our clients is guided by our core values. Our people approach every project with more than the end goal in mind. This hasn’t happened organically, however. It has taken work. After defining your values, we recommend assessing how you would expect those values to be demonstrated through actions and behaviors. Once outlined, supply these details to your employees to help them understand the importance of value-driven partnering.

Your Catalyst for Change 

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