DitDah™ Project Management Methodology

We are leading impact with strategic partnerships, healthy project teams, and individual contributions.

DitDah™ Project Management Methodology

Our methodology is named after the dots (Dits) and dashes (Dahs) of Morse Code, the language of the single-wire telegraph. The Morse system revolutionized communication and business practices and bridged gaps of time and space to bring people together. Like the Morse system, the DitDah™ Project Management Methodology (DitDah™ Method) is responsive to immediate needs yet forward thinking. It brings the right people together to solve problems and bring positive change. It uses data-based methods to identify and analyze needs, collaborative facilitation to visualize creative solutions, and strategic thinking to plan more effective ways forward.

The DitDah™ Method strengthens PMBOK’s task-based approach to project strategy, focusing on the people side of projects through strategic partnerships, healthy project teams, and individual contributions. We also draw on more than 30 years of project management experience using and scaling PMBOK’s performance monitoring methods and repeatable project management processes.  




Strategic Partnerships

Being a trusted advisor and respected partner to all stakeholders within a project.

Healthy Project Teams

Building and sustaining high performing project teams.

Individual Contributions

Being lifelong learners, constantly developing our individual knowledge and skills, and committing to full participation.

Repeatable Project Management Processes

Setting project strategy and using repeatable processes to rigorously manage to desired project outcomes.

Generate and Use Evidence to Understand Impact

Collecting, reporting, and using data on project scope, performance, tasks, and outcomes for informed and strategic decision-making.

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