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The Art of Building Trust

Human-centric consulting depends on trust.

Building trust with our clients is the foundation of our work at Public Knowledge®. This approach allows us to help them accomplish their goals, but it also improves outcomes and leads to lasting change. Public Knowledge® (PK) is a consulting firm that believes in a proactive approach to the human side of projects. In doing so, we cultivate a sense of trust that furthers the impact of that work, regardless of the industry. In sharing our approach, you can implement these strategies with your clients.

Here are three ways we interact with our clients to build trust and deliver the outcomes our clients are looking for.

Communicate Openly and Honestly at Regular Intervals

Open and honest communication builds trust and creates meaningful relationships with clients. At PK, we operate from a place of clarity, openness, and candor. A regular part of our communication with clients entails discussing project successes, strengths, potential risks, and addressing any barriers.  

Establishing a regular and ongoing communications strategy from the beginning minimizes confusion. By agreeing to a schedule at the beginning of the project, you are setting expectations the clients can depend on.

The definition of these touchpoints depends on what works best for you and your client. This can look like weekly or bi-weekly sync calls, check-in emails, or status reports; it all depends on what positions everyone for success. Regardless of what is chosen, the important part is sticking with it.

Be Responsive

One of the simplest ways to build trust with a client is to be responsive. Therefore, we strive to be responsive to our client’s needs, concerns, and requests promptly and thoroughly. Being responsive helps us build meaningful relationships with project teams. We listen to clients, seeking to understand the tough problems they are trying to solve and overcome.

Other ways we are responsive to clients include:

To Do List
  • Reply in a timely manner.
  • Communicate in a way that is best suited to your client.
  • Use language your client understands; avoid jargon.
  • View concerns from a lens of compassion and curiosity.

Prove You Can Get Things Done

At PK, we move from conversations to results. This entails tailoring practical solutions to meet the unique needs of clients. We have management consultants who have subject matter expertise in a wide range of industries, including human services, child support, and child welfare, who understand your problem and work closely with you to find practical solutions. Also, building trust means we take action when a problem is identified.

Your Trusted Partner

Positive Outcomes Delivered.

We are ready to solve your tough problems.