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“We normally provide our training in-house but decided to try something different and bring in an outside expert. It was a great choice.”
– Jim Fleming (North Dakota Child Support Director)

AML for Surveillance

Module 4 provides participants with an in-depth understanding of their role-specific AML duties, using practical examples of money laundering within the AML framework.


Introduction to AML

Module 1 of the AML Series will help you better understand the complex elements involved in sports betting operations necessary for achieving top-tier performance.


Responsible Gambling

Casinos have responsible gambling programs and resources that frontline staff can use to identify concerning behaviors and guide individuals to necessary support.


Sports Betting Basics

Getting started with sports betting can be overwhelming without the right knowledge. This course simplifies the fundamental components, delves into complexities, and guides through potential hurdles.


Sports Betting Operations

Participants will learn crucial factors to establish top-tier operations in sports betting. Gain insights from Gaming Labs International, a recognized organization by legislators, regulators, and operators.


Anti-Laundering Full Suite

This series prepares teams to identify potential money laundering with modules covering AML introduction, Slot Cage Supervisors, Table Games Supervisors, and Surveillance in accordance with Title 31 regulations.

Advanced Collaborative Negotiation Training

The workshop focuses on metacognition and rapport for crafting effective negotiation strategies in intricate scenarios involving non-compliance, incarceration, self-employed individuals, and military-related cases.


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for Table Game Supervisors

In AML Series Module 3, table game supervisors explore distinct responsibilities through real-world money laundering instances. The course enables navigating third-party determinations and addressing bribery attempts within their role.


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for Slot Cage Supervisors

In AML Module 2, learners deepen their understanding of slot cage supervisor responsibilities, focusing on precise data recording, distinguishing address, and occupation details, and addressing refusals to provide information.

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