We offer unique learning and development opportunities to build the professional of today and tomorrow. For more than 30 years we have helped organizations overcome obstacles and manage change while making the most of available resources. Above all, we find inspiration in assisting others to see and reach their potential as professionals in their field.

We offer a wide variety of e-learning and training opportunities for Child Support. We can provide in-person, online, and hybrid training solutions to provide the best possible learning outcomes. We began our learning service offerings with our tailored courses toward human services, child support, and child welfare professionals. Through all of our courses, we explore soft skills and technical skills to further your abilities to deliver services.



“We normally provide our training in-house but decided to try something different and bring in an outside expert. It was a great choice.”
– Jim Fleming (North Dakota Child Support Director)

Improving Team Building Skills

This course is perfect for those who want to improve their skills and relationships, as well as lead and/or be effective team members of specific and cross-organizational workgroups.

How to Manage Your Time and Work Productively From Home

Help your team manage time and work more productively from home with the help of this course. PK has always been a remote team and we’ll share our strategies.

Facilitation Skills for Effective Meeting Management

This collaborative learning experience gives participants the ability to build a foundation of skills to be able to lead internal and external meetings with confidence.

Elevating Communication & Rapport Building Skills

Elevate your communication skills as a child support professional to better reach, engage, and effectively assist customers with complex and personal child support matters with the help of this course.

Domestic Violence

Child support professionals need effective tools to assess situations of domestic violence, related safety issues, and take appropriate action. This course will prepare learners to properly handle these situations.

Collaborative Negotiation Training

This highly interactive course uses a combination of webinar-style live sessions and self-paced prework to teach child support professionals proper negotiation skills for better outcomes.

Change Management for Child Support Professionals

This fast-paced, interactive course revolves around the discussion of human behavior and change theory. Particularly, how facilitating change in organization impacts and how to ensure a seamless transition.

Building Skills for Effective Presentations – Part 2: Story Telling & Presentations

Learn how to cultivate an effective, attention-grabbing presentation with the help of this course. This is available as a two-part series or a stand-alone course to enhance participant’s skills.

Building Skills for Effective Presentations – Part 1: Engaging Your Audience

Improve presentation skills with the help of this course. Available as a two-parts series or stand-alone, this is an exciting learning opportunity to engage your audience in all speaking engagements.

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