We offer unique learning and development opportunities to build the professionals of today and tomorrow. For more than 30 years, we have helped organizations overcome obstacles and manage change while making the most of available resources. From convenient e-learning made by professionals for professionals to instructional videos and instructor-led, we are able to assist our clients with their knowledge transfer strategy.


“We normally provide our training in-house but decided to try something different and bring in an outside expert. It was a great choice.”
– Jim Fleming, North Dakota Child Support Director

Facilitation Skills for Effective Meeting Management

During the interactive workshop, participants will learn how to facilitate internal and external meetings effectively. Topics include active listening, conflict management, decision-making strategies, and tracking action items for effective follow-up.

Domestic Violence

Child support professionals learn to assess domestic violence and safety concerns, create secure environments, recognize indicators, and practice navigating conversations to assist.

Collaborative Negotiation Training for Child Support Professionals

Child support professionals gain negotiation skills in a virtual course with instructor-led sessions and self-paced prework. Topics include collaborative negotiation, group discussions, and role-playing activities.

Child Support

Change Management for Child Support Professionals

Participants will learn essential skills for flexibility during change and effective communication strategies to reduce conflicts through group discussions and practical exercises.

Building Skills for Effective Presentations – Part 2: Story Telling & Presentations

The comprehensive two-part course enhances presentation abilities, with each part available independently. Part two focuses on invigorating content using storytelling techniques for effective communication and retention.

Building Skills for Effective Presentations – Part 1: Engaging Your Audience

Improve presentation skills with the help of this course. Available as a two-parts series or stand-alone, this is an exciting learning opportunity to engage your audience in all speaking engagements.

Adult Learning Principles

The course explores adult learning theories, traits, and styles, providing a framework for supervisors to enhance team communication and collaboration.

Succession Planning

This course covers proactive succession planning strategies for organizational sustainability. Key elements include recruitment, aligning career paths, and crafting effective plans tailored to the organization's needs.

Management Challenges: Successfully Navigating Difficult Conversations and Documenting Performance

Participants will learn effective ways to manage staff performance and behavior. Emphasis is placed on accurate documentation, constructive confrontation, and resolution through precise documentation.

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