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How To Form Healthy Project Teams 

Our value-focused methodologies allow us to go above and beyond for our clients, but our ability to develop and assemble healthy project teams is what leads to success.

Management consulting can seem like a vague term. At its core, management consulting provides a non-biased, objective perspective from a subject matter expert. Our clients trust that Public Knowledge® has their best interests in mind every step of the way.  

However, what separates us from the rest?  

Assembling and Developing Healthy Project Team

Reduce Distractions to Center Focus

  • Contrary to most management consulting firms that contract out who they need to form project teams to service clients, at Public Knowledge®, we focus on assembling a team of dedicated professionals. Typically this results in having the team members as full-time employees of our firm. This helps our people to be able to focus entirely on our client’s needs rather than be distracted by building a pipeline of business and having to worry about what is coming next. Therefore, one primary characteristic of a healthy project team is being able to focus the attention and skills of the team on the problem. When assembling your team, consider these external factors that can impact your team dynamic and pull their attention away from the tasks.

Be Strategic with the Skill, Interests, and Experience of Team Members

  • Project teams can often fail when they are not comprised of people who bring different skills, interests, and experiences to the table. When assembling project teams for our clients, we work hard to understand their needs and assess the gaps we could fill with our services through our project team composition. This is also a great approach when creating a board of advisors or directors, for example. If you have a board filled with all accountants, you may have great accounting input. Still, you are missing legal, management, human resources, and all the other vital operational and governance skills valuable to oversight.

Start with a Foundation of Trust

  • Our firm emphasizes hiring full-time subject matter experts and project management professionals because it helps provide continuity within our service delivery. Being able to bring in a team dynamic that is well functioning means that the trust-building foundation has been established. Often the lack of trust in a team causes bottlenecks toward progress. Assessing how you can bring the right skills into the picture is important, but you also want the right mixture of experience. This takes into account both individual experiences but also the experience of the team. These are what influence your starting point and expected timelines.
Why Experienced Teams?
  • The continuity comes from people who have worked with each other for a significant amount of time, are familiar with our management consulting approaches, and understand one another. This helps prevent communication barriers that can happen with new teams, assists with prompting dialogue and elevates the essential problems for solution development and implementation. Additionally, it means having solidified processes in place to reduce decision-making time. 

Access In-House Subject Matter Experts 

Our clients can pull in the resources they need to enhance their project teams. Our full-time consultants are subject matter experts in their respective fields and have firsthand knowledge. Including nationally recognized attorneys and those who have crafted federal legislation in areas such as child support and child welfare, we bring a national perspective. This helps our teams to be able to hit the ground running with our clients. It reduces the amount of time for knowledge sharing regarding a particular sector.

Customized Approach Based on Proven Methods 

We know one of the best ways to support our clients is by staying updated on the most effective and relevant processes and methodologies. We take those approaches and customize them to your needs as a catalyst to propel you to your best outcomes. The result is a solution rooted in a proven method but unique to the issues at hand.  

A Wide Range of Capabilities  

One of the greatest strengths our management consulting firm has to offer is the diverse wealth of expertise available to our clients. We are ready to support you as your projects and needs change over time. A few of the areas we can assist you with include:  

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