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The Benefit of Working with a Consultant with a PMP® Certification

Perpetually focused on enriching our skills and expertise.

Our clients face many challenges, from intricate project management to complex strategic planning. Working alongside a consultant with a Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification, like Jillian, provides expertise and guidance to navigate these hurdles successfully. 

Meet Jillian

  • Three years of experience managing state and federal child welfare programs  
  • Nine years of experience in the following: program and data analysis, implementation, change management, training and facilitation, and strategic planning 
Jillian Young Headshot

The Right Expertise Makes All the Difference

Project Management Expertise

  • Obtaining the PMP® certification indicates that Jillian has undergone extensive training and gained in-depth knowledge of project management principles and practices. This certification equips her with the skills to efficiently plan, execute, and complete projects within the set timeframe and budget. This expertise can be highly valuable for your organization when undertaking critical projects that require accuracy and efficiency.

Proactive Communication

  • Communication plays a crucial role in the success of any project. Jillian, a certified PMP® consultant, communicates with stakeholders at all levels concisely and collaboratively. Her skills ensure that everyone involved in the project is aligned and facilitates better decision-making, leading to smoother project execution.

Effective Stakeholder Engagement

  • With a PMP® certification, Jillian enhanced her skills in communicating effectively, engaging with stakeholders, and developing relationships. Effective stakeholder engagement is crucial in the work we do with our clients. Leading sustainable change begins with a foundation of communication.

How We Prioritize Professional Development

At Public Knowledge®, we strongly believe in the importance of lifelong learning. We recognize that there are always new opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills and are dedicated to continuously developing our expertise. As a result, we prioritize and maintain our commitment to professional growth as a central focus. Every team member receives dedicated time and resources to invest in personal and career development.

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