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Public Knowledge® Opens Office in Cheyenne

Having a space to connect in person furthers our impact.

Public Knowledge® (PK) now has an office in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming. This space will play a transformative role in our client interactions and provide co-working and collaboration opportunities. While we are a remote consulting firm and will remain so, PK established this location to offer various spaces and resources.  

Cheyenne PK Office

“I am thrilled our Public Knowledge® office in Cheyenne is up and running. And enjoying working in the space when I’m not on the road with our team and our clients. As a company that values connection, this is another tool we have to collaborate with each other and our clients.”

President Stacey Moss

The PK Spaces 

The Cheyenne office is intentionally created to have different areas for different needs, known as the PK Spaces. 

  • Think Space 
  • Co-Working Space 
  • Creative Space 
  • The Shared Space 

Each space is outfitted for different purposes to help inspire inclusion, teamwork, and connection, our core values. It is one of the many ways we strive as a firm to embody and operationalize our values each and every day. To better serve our clients and have the right consultants available, it is by appointment only.  

“This office space is a really exciting addition to PK. While we can be remote, this is a great way to work creatively with the different spaces available. I am looking forward to seeing office come to life.”

Vice President of Management Consulting Naomi Snodgrass

Living Our Values of Connection, Teamwork, and Inclusion

If we want to be a catalyst for change, the first step is to “walk the walk” regarding our values. Our new office space is a way we do that. This space is more than a brick-and-mortar location to meet with clients. It is a space for creativity, making lasting connections and memories, and inspiring innovation. 

Inspiring Change, One Connection at a Time

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