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Expanding Our Knowledge of Scaled Agile Framework

As one of the quickest growing methodologies across the United States, we better serve our clients by preparing ourselves with the latest information available.

Management consultant Stephen Forrest is now a SAFe®5 Agilist. Driven by a dedication to furthering his skillset of implementing a Scaled Agile Framework to help Public Knowledge® (PK) grow in our offerings to our clients, we are proud to be a firm of lifelong learners.

Taking the Initiative

As the need for implementing the Scaled Agile Framework rapidly expands, we want to be able to serve our clients by having the appropriate certifications in place.

“Scaled Agile Framework is one of the quickest growing methodologies and is becoming the preferred one for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. When a client needed PK to have this skill set, it only made sense to get the certification.”

Stephen Forrest, Management Consultant

Image congratulating Stephen on attaining his certification in Scaled Agile Framework

What it Takes to Become a SAFe®5 Agilist

Awarded by Scaled Agile Inc., Stephen described the process of attaining this certification as intense yet gratifying. The two-day process involved new information, engaging in simulations, and working through the process of creating and enhancing value for clients.

Why Scaled Agile Framework from SAFe® is a Valuable Asset to Organizations of All Sizes

This isn’t limited to one industry. SAFe® is a powerful method that is the most considered and adopted framework for scaling Agile. Allows organizations to readily adapt to customer expectations, adjust to changes in the market, and maximize new opportunities. Other critical benefits of implementing a Scaled Agile Framework include:

  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Improving Quality of Service
  • Boosting Productivity y
  • Enhancing Employee Engagement

Anticipating the Needs of Our Clients

Public Knowledge supports our people in pursuing their goals—and we continue to be amazed by their dedication to the work they do.

“I hope to be able to advise clients on how to implement agile projects at scale and conduct assessments as to agile readiness. In a world that is changing so frequently, being able to use agile approaches on large parts of the organization is vital to success.”

Stephen Forrest, Management Consultant

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