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Leverage the Expertise of a Certified Scrum Master

We are always looking for new, innovative ways to enhance the value we add to our clients.

Our clients work in complex, ever-changing environments, which makes consultants with certifications like Certified Scrum Master (CSM) vital to the projects we work in. Public Knowledge® (PK) management consultant Sahil Piyarali is newly certified as a CSM. 

Three Key Advantages of Partnering with a CSM

Mastery of Agile Methodologies

As a CSM-certified consultant, Sahil is an expert in Agile methodologies, specifically the Scrum framework. He understands Scrum’s principles, practices, and roles, leading to effectively managing projects. This expertise results in more efficiency, improved collaboration, and adaptability to change.

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Navigation of Complex Challenges

With their strong problem-solving skills and deep understanding of Agile practices, Sahil can guide teams through complexities while focusing on delivering value. Adaptability and ability to quickly pivot strategies ensure that projects stay on course, even when challenges arise.

Dedication to Process Improvement

As a CSM, Sahil strives for excellence by constantly seeking ways to improve processes and achieve better outcomes. Promoting a culture of reflection and innovation aligns with our values of teamwork and impact.

Sahil Piyarali

About Sahil

  • Three years of experience managing and engaging stakeholders 
  • Three years of experience with project and program analysis 
  • Two years of experience in Agile Methodology 

Focusing on Developing Professional Skills

At PK, we believe in constantly improving our service to clients by acquiring new skills. We provide our people with dedicated professional development time and budget to pursue certifications of their choice. This allows them to explore their interests, enhance their strengths, and discover new methodologies.

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