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At PK, We Dare to Lead™

Leadership is vital in all roles, regardless of the job title.

After our leadership was Dare to Lead™ trained earlier this year, we extended the opportunity to others at Public Knowledge®. As a firm embodying a servant leader structure, learning to lead through vulnerability aligns with our values. It is developed by Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston, who has spent 20 years studying vulnerability, courage, shame, and empathy.

Courage is a Skill

Everyone has the ability to become a courageous leader. Contrary to popular belief, courage is not something you either have or you don’t. They are teachable skills everyone can master. During the Dare to Lead™ training, it centers around four skill sets:

  • Rumbling with Vulnerability
  • Living Into Our Values
  • Braving Trust
  • Learning to Rise

Gaining Awareness, Skills, and Tools

Dare to Lead™ Training is designed to give participants with actionable skills to operationalize vulnerability and courage within our everyday interactions and conversations. Identifying what our values are, how we respond to difficult situations, and learning to be emotionally resilient, is the beginning of becoming more courageous in everyday life.

Congratulations to Our Newest Dare to Lead™ Trained PKers!

Dare to Lead Trained Icon
Adam Brown
David Plate
Holly Bingeman
Holly Sherrard
Jill Hooper
Katie Stein
Kelli Mahan
Kellynn Gates
Kristin Baughman
Les Jones
Lindsay Nordenberg
Maggie MacFarlane
Micheal DeBeyer
Nate Doerr
Noelita Lugo
Pam Levin
Stephen Forrest
Tracey Slipp
Susan Smith

We Believe in Investing in Our People

Professional development is how we continue to learn and grow. A fundamental aspect of any career, we want to ensure everyone at PK has opportunities to pursue new skills. Additionally, everyone at our firm receives 60 hours of paid time to devote to professional development goals of their choosing.

Committed to Being Life-Long Learners

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