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How We Stay Connected in a Remote Working Environment

Consistent, intentional actions make a difference.

At Public Knowledge® (PK), we believe in the power of connection. As a remote consulting firm, we understand the challenges of staying connected. Instead of letting working separately be a barrier, we prioritize fostering meaningful interactions with one another. Our commitment to operationalizing our values and staying united as a team is an ongoing focus.

Connection is Built into Our Framework

A remote working environment makes it imperative to find new and creative ways to connect. PK offers various programs that promote learning, collaboration, and growth as a team. These interactions are vital for maintaining our relationships and strengthening our collective skills.

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Regional Team Structure

To ensure a cohesive and supportive remote working environment, every individual is designated to a specific region that a regional vice president manages. This approach fosters a sense of structure and assistance amongst colleagues who are in close proximity to each other.

Peer Pods

We all have a wealth of knowledge that we may not always get to share with everyone. Peer Pods allow us to stay current and ready for the changing world and work we face by exchanging our knowledge. Peer Pods offer an opportunity to get to know each other better, identify strengths, share relatable experiences in a safe space, and develop teamwork and camaraderie.

Communities of Practice

We strive to enhance our services for our clients through meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing. Our monthly meetings for child support, child welfare, and health and Medicaid allow us to explore current trends, learn from our experiences, and inspire one another to continue searching for new, innovative ways to serve our clients.

We Prioritize Operationlzing Our Values

Our values as a management consulting firm embody our vision and goals for the future. They shape our culture and how we engage with our clients, motivating us to drive transformation and create meaningful change. Our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in every interaction is what sets us apart.

What Makes Us Different?

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