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Elevating Our Firm’s Expertise Through the Prosci Change Management Certification

A trusted partner through transition.

We’re proud to share that four of our Public Knowledge® consultants have recently earned their Prosci Change Management Certification, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering top-tier services to our clients.

Hands Stacked in Middle

Change is Constant

Times of transition do not have to be unnecessarily stressful. There is an opportunity to embrace and conquer change with confidence, poise, and professionalism. The Prosci Change Management Certification equips our management consultants with the tools to successfully partner with your organization through transitions. 

“So often, we focus on the “things” that need to change when there is a problem to be solved. We forget about the people that the change is going to affect or has affected, whether positive or negative. The principles of this methodology are helping people realize why they are changing, what needs to be done differently, how much of the change is dependent on them individually changing, what support they have through the change, and what’s in it for them.”

Brittany Goode, Management Consultant

Introducing Our Newest Prosci Change Management Practitioners

Tracy Malone
Glenda McMillan, Regional Vice President

“As consultants, any activity that we do produces some kind of change. To better serve our clients, it is essential to manage them through the changes that occur and collaborate with them to meet the needs of their business in their new environment.”

Brittany Goode, Management Consultant

Why Trust a Consultant with this Certification? 

Improved Employee Engagement

During times of change, how you engage with the people within your organization can make all the difference in achieving success. With a focus on employee engagement, Prosci-based approaches emphasize the importance of fostering a positive change culture. This expertise helps to guide your organization through the transformation process and enables your employees to feel invested in the journey.

Leveraging Tested Methodologies

Collaborating with our certified consultants empowers your organization to navigate change efficiently, leveraging the industry’s foremost best practices. The Prosci methodology is a testament to years of research and real-world applications, setting the stage for your organization to embrace impactful change and emerge stronger than ever.

“My Prosci certification empowers me to guide clients through transformation, navigating complex problems with ease, ensuring seamless adaptation, fostering innovation, and delivering unparalleled value to their stakeholders in their organizational journey.”

Brenna Keslar, Management Consultant

We’re Passionate About the People Side of Change

People are your organization’s most valuable asset. At PK, we know this to be true, which is why our project management methodology, DitDah™, strongly emphasizes the human element of project management. By fostering meaningful partnerships, cultivating healthy project teams, and promoting effective individual contributions, we strive to achieve lasting outcomes. Our unwavering commitment to our values reflects our dedication to putting people first.

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