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Making a Difference at the Atlanta Community Food Bank

A day of impactful volunteering.

A dedicated group from Public Knowledge® (PK), including Christina, Glenda, Julie, Lijun, and Shelby, came together to make a meaningful impact at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Their collective efforts resulted in the packing of 5,250 boxes, nourishing 4,375 individuals in Georgia.

About the Atlanta Community Food Bank

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is on a mission to combat hunger through community involvement, education, and empowerment. Collaborating with over 700 non-profit organizations, the food bank distributes more than 8 million meals monthly across metropolitan Atlanta and northern Georgia. As a member of Feeding America, the Atlanta Community Food Bank receives over 9 million pounds of donated food and grocery products monthly. Fresh produce, forming 23 percent of total donations, comes from individuals and various local food industry sources, including manufacturers, distributors, farmers, and retailers. The food bank channels these resources to more than 700 non-profit partner agencies, spanning 29 counties in north Georgia.

Group of PK'ers at the Atlanta Community Food Bank

Operationalizing Our Values

During their day volunteering, the PK’ers demonstrated their commitment to inclusivity, teamwork, and impact. Their actions exemplified the PK Way by transcending organizational boundaries to positively impact the lives of community members.

The Impact of Our PK Service Hours Program

At PK, we understand the importance of giving back to our communities. Through our PK Service Hours Program, employees can volunteer with organizations they are passionate about during work hours. Whether it’s packing meals, building homes, or participating in reading programs for children, our employees make a difference in the lives of others but also strengthen their bonds with each other while working towards a common goal. Together, we believe in the power of collective action to create positive change.

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