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Stuart Knight Shares the Answer to the Human Connection Crisis

Our firm believes in investing in the most valuable asset of our firm, our people.  

Our Spring SPARK summit is our chance to come together as a firm. This year’s theme, “Delighting Our Customers,” shared what it means to truly serve as a catalyst for positive outcomes. The vibrant and inspirational motivational speaker Stuart Knight delivered the keynote, addressing how human connection is the very foundation of how we delight our customers.  

Dog next to computer during Stuart Knight presentation
Even dogs joined in on the fun!

The Art of Meaningful Conversation  

The beginnings of meetings don’t have to exclusively be about the weather or what you plan to do this weekend. The power of asking the right questions—the keyword being right. Stuart Knight accurately pointed out that it is easy to keep conversations at a surface level without forming real human connections. Asking the right questions quickly elevates any conversation into a meaningful experience. 

Turning the Mundane into Fascination 

What would your life look like if you were utterly captivated by the people in your life—friends, family, co-workers, clients? Stuart Knight’s presentation reaffirms that we all can connect with others.  

People Make the World Go Round  

Our firm truly believes every single person at Public Knowledge® adds value to the positive impact we’re making on the world.  

We invest in our people by planning SPARK summits full of knowledge sharing, connection, and inspiration because that is what they deserve. Nurturing our existing relationships and having the space to create new ones in this dedicated time we have with each other is something we cherish.  

Continuously Investing in Our People 

While SPARK is an event we love, it isn’t the only way we invest in our people. It’s our goal to create a company culture and a work environment where people enjoy what they do and look forward to coming to work every day.  

Here are a few other ways we take care of the brilliant people of Public Knowledge®:  

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