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Mindfulness Sharpens Thought Leadership

Management consultants are “thought leaders,” and just like athletes, we must work at it.

We exercise our problem-solving skills daily. Like the person at the gym increasing their weight weekly to advance their lifting, our consultants must exercise their critical thinking skills. In fitness, we need days of rest, which relates physically and mentally. However, we often don’t carve out the proper mental breaks to recharge. At Public Knowledge®, our consultants are sharp thinkers and understand the importance of exercising their mindfulness. Throughout our firm, we have deployed benefits to align with this essential aspect of our work.

Working Remote is a Lifestyle

  • Not a single person operates at their optimal time from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in an external office. By providing our people with the flexibility to work when they are inspired and use their time wisely throughout their days, we can provide our people with the “space” to show up to their work as their best selves.

Paid Time Off is a Metric

  • When it comes to mental health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We want our people to take time to disconnect and focus on something different. Whether it be spending time with loved ones, adventuring, or indulging in your hobbies, it is vital to be available for yourself, and we require our people to take this time to grow as individuals. While we strive to serve our clients to the absolute best of our ability, our firm knows the only way we can do that is by taking the time to recharge.

Mental Health Tools Are at Your Fingertips

  • Our people, families, and friends all have access to the Calm App to encourage taking regular mental breaks, encourage healthy environments, and support our firm in cultivating mindfulness. In addition, our firm offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to supply the right tools at the right time.

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