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Making an Impact in St. Louis

Coming together as a firm in-person spark meaningful conversation.

Connection is one of our core values at Public Knowledge®. We embody that core value by meeting as a firm twice a year, once in person. Our firm met in St. Louis for our semi-annual SPARK conference, presenting lessons learned, sharing knowledge, and making lasting connections. This year’s theme, “Igniting Impact,” centers around another core value of our firm, Impact. We recognize that every touch point is a valuable moment to deliver impact.  

“We approach every engagement with our energy focused on identifying the right goals, outcomes, and strategies. We each have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on our projects and our world.” 

What Does SPARK Stand For?

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  • Supporting the
  • Pursuit of
  • Authentic
  • Relationships and
  • Knowledge

There are Many Ways to Make an Impact

We know how we show up for our clients in big and small moments makes a difference. Sessions at the PK 2023 SPARK Summit covered topics including:

  • Mindful and Inclusive Leadership 
  • Professionalism and Our Lasting Impact 
  • The Impact of Branding 
  • Human-Centered Design  
  • DitDah™ Project Management Methodology 

Additionally, a PK Science Fair allowed consultants to share insight into the projects they are working on, sharing findings and lessons learned.  

Human-Centered Approaches Extend to Our People, Too 

Public Knowledge® values a human-centered approach to our projects and how we operate as a firm. We love the uniqueness and expertise that every single person brings to the table. Our SPARK Summit is another opportunity for us to engage with each other in person and share our experiences openly.  

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