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Across North America, companies are adapting new technologies in response to outdated infrastructure, security concerns, growth, and regulation changes. Experts expected an upward trend in IT innovations prior to COVID-19, and now there are even more factors driving organizations to find new ways to work and provide products and services.

Technology improvements improve organizations’ ability to serve their customers safely, securely, effectively, and efficiently, but with these changes come challenges—both technical and human. Only 15% of people embrace innovation with little resistance or skepticism. When users do not embrace a project, it is more likely to fail. Project failure leads to wasted time and resources, as well as increased frustration and resistance to future changes.

In these unprecedented times, employees are dealing with multiple layers of change. They are expected to adopt and champion new technologies while simultaneously adapting to remote and hybrid work environments, evolving safety guidelines, and workforce reductions—all while potentially coping with profound change on a personal level. Now more than ever, technology changes must be planned and managed with insight, intention, and skill. Organization staff and leadership must focus on providing services and often lack the time and specialized knowledge to manage change effectively and we can help.

Kassie Gram, PMP

Senior Vice President, Business Development

P: (720) 837-6890

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