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The Power of In-Depth Knowledge

Specific expertise leads to reliability and trust with our clients.

The first step in solving complex problems is pairing our clients with the right people with the right expertise. It allows us to solve the problem directly, providing targeted, specific strategies from subject matter experts rather than treating the symptoms with various methodologies. This approach strengthens our relationship with clients, providing reliability and trust. 

Trees in The Woods

We get to the root of the problem at hand through our people-focused approach to project management. Here is how having the right subject matter expertise can help further your impact on your customers and teams. 

Having the Right Subject Matter Experts 

Subject matter experts brings three key aspects to the project:  

  • A deep understanding of a topic or domain. 
  • Strategic application of know-how to work efficiently. 
  • Secure long-term success by developing sustainable approaches.  

Public Knowledge® provides immediate support to clients because we create teams outfitted with SMEs and experienced project managers. In turn, we further demonstrate our commitment to being a reliable partner throughout the entirety of the project. 

Our Project Management Methodology 

DitDah™ is our project management methodology, focusing on the people side of projects through strategic partnerships, healthy project teams, and individual contributions.   

It is comprised of five key areas:  

  • Strategic Partnerships 
  • Healthy Project Teams 
  • Individual Contributions 
  • Repeatable Project Management Processes 
  • Predictive Performance Reporting 

When deployed in our projects with our clients, it leads to lasting, impactful outcomes, to blend the people side of projects into the typical project management activities and processes. 

Partnerships Leading to Results 

Our in-depth expertise from subject matter experts allows us to solve a diverse set of problems that arise, and our clients rest easy knowing they have an expert readily available to provide guidance. The impact? Efficiently moving from conversations to results. 

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