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Stacey and David Interviewed on The Children’s Law Podcast

It’s Time for Children’s Attorneys to Be Attorneys

The Children’s Law Podcast hosted by Angela Orkin from True North Child Advocates interviewed Stacey Obrecht, President of Public Knowledge® (PK), and David Kelly, Director of Family Integrity and Justice Works (FIJW).

David and Stacey provide unique insight from their shared experiences of working in the child welfare sector. By harnessing this lived experience and witnessing the trauma that comes with family separation, they offer a powerful message to children’s attorneys across the nation.

Empowering Attorneys to Make Radical Change

“The local level is the best place to work on culture change. It’s more likely there are shared experiences and shared values at the local level. If folks can come together and look in a clear-eyed kind of way in the experiences young people, kids, and families are having and what the system is churning out; if they can be honest about that and find some common ground, I think that’s where culture changes begin.”

David Kelly, Director of FIJW at Public Knowledge®

About the Podcast

Closely aligned in the values of both PK and FIJW, The Children’s Law Podcast focuses on the profession of representing children and the power of advocacy to transform the child welfare system.

Listen to the Compelling Interview

Head over to The Children’s Law Podcast to listen to the interview. To learn more about the future of what FIJW hopes to accomplish in the future, read our latest idea post.

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