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A Consulting Firm Designed with People in Mind

We do everything we can to create a place where people feel supported, included, and enjoy what they do.

Extended time away from family, rigid hours, unrealistic expectations, lack of growth, and uncompensated time for travel—these are factors that lead to the creation of Public Knowledge®. Our firm was started by people unsatisfied with working for larger consulting firms and wanted to give people a better experience, so they can better serve clients. 

Cultivating a Better Work-Life

Work is supposed to be a part of your life, not your entire life. Public Knowledge® believes in working with our people to cultivate what we call a better work-life juggle. Whether that is ensuring everyone is working manageable hours or providing flexibility to work when it is most convenient, we want to set our people up for success. 


Paid Travel Time 

It is no secret that some level of travel is involved as a management consultant. That said, the time you spend traveling needs to be compensated. 

Exposure to New Practice Areas 

Public Knowledge® believes the best way to solve problems and be a catalyst for change starts with management consultants who are passionate about our work, so we are open to giving our people new opportunities. Between our consulting continuum and dedication to professional development, our people are life-long learners. 

Interaction with All Levels of the Organization 

We genuinely value the skillsets every person at Public Knowledge® brings to the table. There is a lot of interaction between all levels of consultants on the project teams to solve problems, putting our minds together to find the best solution. This also means that leadership is not siloed to one part of the organization; they play active roles in projects and interact with management consultants daily. 

Run by Our Values 

Every interaction with our clients and colleagues is infused with our values. Our values are more than a “poster” on a wall or a one-time conversation during onboarding. By consciously putting effort into operationalizing our values, we say what we do at Public Knowledge®.  

Who We Are

  • A consulting firm that exists to solve tough problems and thrive in complex environments. 
  • Driven by a desire to be a catalyst for change, leaving each person, project, client, colleague, and community better than we started.  
  • For more than 30 years, has helped our clients achieve their goals by truly understanding their needs and objectives as a foundation of our problem-solving process. 

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