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Management Consultant Stephen Forrest Top Scorer Worldwide on ISACA’s CGEIT Certification Exam

Celebrating the achievements of our Public Knowledge® family is important to us.  

Management consultant Stephen Forrest achieved an impressive feat—getting the top score on ISACA’s Certified in Governance of Enterprise Information Technology (CGEIT) Certification exam. As one of three tie scores worldwide, this is an exemplary example of our dedication to pursuing excellence in everything that we do.  

Hard Work Pays Off 

Stephen shared how getting this certification was not easy due to the vast amount of information he needed to learn because CGEIT covers all areas of information management and technology at an executive level.  

“You don’t just need to know information management, but also corporate governance, project management, service delivery, auditing, risk management, and security. You must understand how those areas interact, which takes precedence, and how they provide value for organizations. Adding to all these knowledge areas, CGEIT focuses on the for-profit sector. Thus, I needed to translate the CGEIT approach into my experience in the public and non-profit sectors.” 

Stephen Forrest, Management Consultant

How this Certification Will Help Our Clients 

Equipped with this newfound expertise, Stephen hopes to help public and non-profit organizations practice good governance so their activities add more value for their stakeholders.   

“Governance is about the deciding on the method and then following through on the organizational decision-making process. A lot of times, slight changes can be a huge facilitator for advances in organizational effectiveness. Who wouldn’t want to be the spark that lights that fire?” 

Stephen Forrest, Management Consultant

PK Prioritizes a Balanced Work Experience 

A well-rounded employment experience is vital to our firm. Whether that’s time for professional development or volunteering through PK Cares hours, offering our employees opportunities to advance their skills is essential to us.  

“It is exciting to see members of our PK family achieving such amazing things. I take pride in having a team that is dedicated to always striving to strengthen their skillset, and Stephen is an excellent example of this.”

Stacey Obrecht, President of Public Knowledge® 

Let Our Firm Be Your Catalyst for Positive Outcomes 

Public Knowledge® is ready to support your business in any project you have in mind. Learn more about how we will help you succeed.  

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