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Harness an Adaptive Project Management Framework

A custom approach combined with a proven methodology creates unbeatable results. 

Stephen Forrest is our firm’s newest Project Management Professional (PMP)®. By aligning with the leading project management framework, the consultants at Public Knowledge® provide valuable insight into projects of all sizes.  

“This is a big lift and a big help for PK. Way to go, Stephen!”

Jenn Vachon, Region 3 Vice President 

High Performing PMPs Translates to High Performing Teams 

Partnering with a management consultant from Public Knowledge® means having an outside perspective, providing in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand, and removing the risk of bias or conflict from affecting the project’s outcome. Our objectivity and expertise lead to creative problem-solving measures.

Graphic congratulating Stephen on earning project management professional certification

A Multi-Faceted Approach 

The uniqueness of the PMP® certification lies in its ability to address all components within a project, regardless of the industry. PMP®s understand the complexities of people, processes, and business environments. As a firm specializing in creating unique solutions in highly regulated, complex environments, aligning with an approach like this helps us serve our clients better.  

Giving Our Clients a Competitive Edge  

The three fundamental PMP approaches include predictive, agile, and hybrid. Having in-depth knowledge of these methodologies means we can structure our approach based on the situation’s needs. All projects and organizations require a different approach. While some need more structure, others respond better to being responsive and adaptable.

Providing Customizable Solutions to Tough Problems 

Our job is to partner with our clients. We listen to your pain points and work with you to co-create a holistic solution. The wide variety of consulting areas we specialize in means we’re ready to jump in on projects of all kinds. As a firm that has worked with clients nationwide, we approach each problem through a broad lens.  

Kickstart Your Next Project with the Help of PK 

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