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Connie Morton Completes Foundations of Coaching Professional Development Series

Prioritizing a growth mindset in everything we do.

Public Knowledge® (PK) management consultant Connie Morton has completed the Butler’s Foundations of Coaching Professional Development Series at the University of Denver. This program has provided her with a rich set of skills and knowledge elevating our management consulting services.

Fundamentals of Coaching

The series set a strong foundation by presenting new and innovative ideas that challenged the established and conventional wisdom. These unconventional approaches and methods paved the way for a fresh perspective on coaching. In turn, it helped to revolutionize the way people approach coaching and training.

Connie Morton

“The course challenged what I knew about coaching and taught me new ways of asking questions and listening for answers that point to specific goals and outcomes.”

Connie Morton, Management Consultant

Skills and Techniques of Coaching

Connie’s commitment to mastering the art of coaching led her to dive deeper into the program’s intricacies. There, she gained theoretical knowledge and practical tools to navigate the complex landscape of her client’s needs efficiently and confidently.

Incorporating the Coaching Mindset

Understanding the client’s mindset is crucial for an effective experience. By incorporating this mindset into our management consulting strategies, we can help clients achieve their goals.

“Communication skills are at the core of management consulting to help our clients achieve the outcomes they desire. This certificate demonstrates my desire to deepen my expertise and expand my capacity.”

Connie Morton, Management Consultant

Always Striving to Improve

At PK, we are committed to fostering a work environment where our team members feel purpose and enthusiasm for their roles. One way to cultivate this is by empowering our PK’ers to take ownership of their professional development journey by setting their own goals and achieving them with the assistance of individual professional development funds. To learn more about our PK employee experience, please visit our website.

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