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Celebrating Excellence: ASA Outstanding Chapter Service Awarded to Alicia

Recognizing dedication to statistics and education.

Alicia has been named the Outstanding Chapter Service Award recipient by the American Statistical Association (ASA). Her exceptional record of service as president and past president for multiple terms is a testament to her unwavering dedication to advancing statistics and statistics education in Nevada. Alicia’s achievement serves as an example of the impact one person can have in their community.

About ASA

Since 1839, the ASA has been the driving force behind the advancement of statistical science. With members spanning over 90 countries, the association empowers statisticians to make a meaningful impact on public policy and human progress. By fostering excellence and innovation, the ASA inspires statisticians to push the boundaries of what is possible and lead the way toward a better future.

Light Bulb Knowledge

Meet Alicia

  • Experience with evolving Medicaid and Child Support system procurement, implementation, and certification processes. 
  • Skilled data analyst with public health, healthcare, and human services data and systems expertise. 
  • Five years of experience in Medicaid and Child Support IV&V. 
  • 17 years of experience in health and healthcare analytics. 

A Dedication to Pursuing Excellence

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Who We Are

We are passionate management consultants who skillfully merge the art of systems, programs, and people to achieve sustained progress beyond our engagements. In the face of complex problems, we are inspired and driven to find a solution.

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