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Cultivating an Impact-Driven Mindset

Coming together as a firm to connect and grow.

Public Knowledge® (PK) gathers as a team to learn alongside each other through professional development twice a year. As a management consulting firm, we recognize the significance of approaching complex problems with a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. This year’s theme was the importance of cultivating an impact-driven mindset and strategies on how to improve.

What is SPARK?

Embodying values requires intentional actions, and one of the ways to achieve this is through investing in professional development. PK sets a great example by dedicating time to this gathering, virtually and in person, through a program called SPARK. The acronym stands for Supporting the Pursuit of Authentic Relationships and Knowledge, reflecting a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Coming Together to Learn

At SPARK, every employee brings a unique and fresh perspective, making their work genuinely inspiring. It was an absolute pleasure to learn more about their vast expertise and the impact they make when serving clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Topics Shared During SPARK

  • Leaning In with a Growth Mindset
  • Taking Risks: Boost Your Confidence and Stretch Your Professional Growth
  • Reaction or Response: Creating Space for Growth
  • Mindset in an Uncertain World
  • Activating Purpose Through Storytelling
  • Professionalism Along the PK Continuum

Professional Development as a Team

Working exclusively as a remote consulting firm has allowed us to prioritize connections in all forms. Despite the distance, we come together through SPARK to maintain this connection. Being remote has opened up endless possibilities, allowing us to hire a diverse and impactful team from around the United States and Canada rather than limiting ourselves to a particular geographical location.

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