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The Continuous Adoption of Remote Business Model Practices Post-Pandemic

Public Knowledge® is a management consulting firm that has had a virtual business model since day one. Operating this way for the last three decades has enabled comparative nominal disruption during 2020.

Now that so many businesses had to adopt these business model practices out of necessity, we have a few considerations. Will these practices remain even after the pandemic? Or will they fade away, and we return to old habits? What lessons learned from 2020, if adopted, can improve your current efficiency and effectiveness in your organization?

To explore these exact questions, our Senior Marketing Specialist, Stephanie Meisner-Maggard, IOM, TPM, MBA, contributed to the US Chamber of Commerce Institute Blog. As an Institute Faculty Member, she wanted to discuss this vital topic relevant to all businesses, organizations, and agencies.  In this feature, you will learn the benefits of a remote business model and working virtual has clear advantages for the future when incorporated.

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