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Jill Elevates Problem Solving Expertise with IDEO U’s Advanced Design Thinking Certificate

Honing in our creative thinking.

Public Knowledge® management consultant Jill has completed the Advanced Design Thinking Certificate program offered by IDEO U. This accomplishment is a testament to Jill’s commitment to a growth mindset.

Unlocking Design Thinking Mastery

Jill has a deeper understanding of when and how to apply design thinking to solve complex challenges throughout her journey in the program. This has not only helped her individual development but has also enabled her to motivate others to think and work more creatively and collaboratively. The program has equipped her with techniques to overcome common barriers to creativity.

“Working toward the Advanced Design Thinking certificate from IDEO was sometimes challenging but always rewarding. It was good to get out of my very literal brain and think outside the box – way outside! I’m already using the skills I learned to rethink how we ask our clients questions to get them thinking more creatively.”

Management Consultant, Jill Hooper
Jill Hooper

Tangible Impact

An important aspect to note is the focus on real-life project challenges, which are tangible and practical. Jill has developed her skills by working on insights reports and creating prototypes for different products and services. Applying the knowledge gained from these exercises becomes more practical and immediately applicable to our work with clients.

A Look into IDEO U’s Program

IDEO U’s Advanced Design Thinking Certificate program helps individuals develop their design thinking skills. The program provides an action-oriented learning experience beyond theoretical concepts. It allows participants to practice and apply design thinking in diverse scenarios. This approach builds confidence and enhances the ability to address complex problems in the real world.

PK’s Commitment to Excellence

Our unwavering focus on the professional development of our employees is a testament to our commitment to excellence and providing value. Having 60 hours of paid time to pursue professional development helps us to continue bringing creative and innovative solutions to complex and regulated environments. Doing so enables us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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