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The Power of Prosci Change Management Certification

Supporting organizational change efforts.

Navigating change successfully requires a strategic and well-executed approach. By partnering with a consultant with a Prosci Change Management Certification, you gain the advantage of a proven methodology, enhanced change readiness, and tailored strategies.

The Importance of Working with a Prosci-Certified Consultant

It is best to consider the people impacted when implementing a change within your organization. The Prosci Change Management Certification equips our consultants with practical methods to promote awareness, generate a desire for change, enhance understanding of the upcoming changes, and ultimately instill confidence in individuals to support and embrace the change. Navigating organizational transitions involves various complexities, but with the expertise of our certified consultants, we can guide you through the entire process, from initiation to completion.

The Right People with the Right Expertise

Ryan Anderson is the newest management consultant at Public Knowledge® (PK) to attain the Prosci Change Management Certification. With this certification, Ryan joins our team as an additional resource to assist our clients in managing the human side of change.

What is the Benefit of Prosci?

Prosci Change Management Certification is built upon Prosci’s research-driven ADKAR® Model, which provides a structured approach to managing change. Working with a certified consultant gives you access to a tried-and-true methodology refined through years of research and practice. This ensures that your change initiatives are based on a solid foundation and are aligned with industry best practices. The consultant’s expertise in applying the ADKAR® Model enables them to analyze, plan, and execute change initiatives effectively, increasing project success rates.

Importance of Managing the People Side of Change in Organizations

Managing the “people” side of change in organizations is crucial. It minimizes resistance, encourages employee engagement, and fosters a supportive environment. Organizations can drive productivity, build trust, and navigate change effectively by addressing individual perspectives and needs.

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