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Embracing the Messy Middle of Project Management 

Our approach embraces the complexity that comes with it. 

Public Knowlege® has the privilege of working with organizations and agencies doing amazing work all over the country. As a management consulting firm, it is our job to work side-by-side with our clients. We bring much more than thought leadership; our projects teams position you for success by identifying a clear, strategic plan to move forward. 

Co-Creating a Vision 

The benefit of working with a management consulting firm is having an objective opinion and an adaptable approach. Paired with our client’s thoughts, ideas, and visions to the table, we co-create an actionable plan. 

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Effective Project Management Maintains the Vision 

Part of our job is to hold our clients’ vision of the end goal, even throughout the ‘messy middle.’

“I had my doubts about the new development of the Contracts Restructure process, but now I feel somewhat better. Now, I can finally see a glimmer of hope and a beautiful rainbow is starting to emerge over the horizon. I am no longer a “doubter.”  I am full of hope and expecting great things to come forth!”  

Darlene C. Simmons
CSE Manager 1
Performance Monitoring and Contract Support Unit
Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

Our Approach to Business Redesign 

When partnering with our firm, our collaborative approach in our project management allows us to work efficiently. Our business redesign process includes:  

  • Map your current process. 
  • Identify an ideal future state for the program’s delivery of products or services. 
  • Complete a gap analysis between the two. 

This assessment reveals the changes needed for the integration of people, processes, systems, or structures, leading to more efficient product or service delivery. 

More About the Project 

Working with the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, we partnered with them for procurement redesign. This included:  

  • Providing business redesign support to assist in restructuring their procurement department and processes. 
  • Assessing procurement workflows. Then, interpret and illustrate their vision of the “to be” procurement process. 
  • Assisting with the delineation of roles, responsibilities, and procedures in a procurement manual. 

Work with a Catalyst for Change 

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