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Michael Hoffmeister Publishes Article Regarding Foster Care Regulations

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Michael Hoffmeister, a Public Knowledge® management consultant, recently published an article titled “Inequitable Access to Relative Caregiving: Implications of Foster Care Regulations in Finland, New Zealand, and the United States.” This article is a significant contribution to the field of child welfare and showcases Michael’s expertise and dedication to improving the lives of vulnerable children.

A Deep Dive into Foster Care Policies

Michael explores the complex realm of foster care regulations, specifically focusing on the policies that govern relative caregivers in Finland, New Zealand, and the United States. Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise in child welfare, Michael conducted a comprehensive analysis of the diverse approaches taken by these jurisdictions and the impact they have on both relative caregivers and children in out-of-home care.

Michael Hoffmeister

Michael’s Expertise

Michael has over a decade of experience in the child welfare field, making his insights extremely valuable. He has worked in various areas, such as direct service, policy development, and strategic planning. His dedication to improving outcomes for children is evident in this article, which showcases his depth of knowledge and expertise.

A Call for Equity

Michael highlights relative caregivers’ challenges in accessing foster care licensure through his research. He advocates for equitable access to support and culturally appropriate placement options, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in regulatory frameworks.

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