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Public Knowledge® Partners with Wyoming Citizen Review Panel and Secures Positive Outcomes 

Helping our clients reach their goals is worth celebrating. 

The diverse consulting services offered by Public Knowledge® means we have the opportunity to work with people in a variety of industries, doing impactful work. Our client, Wyoming Citizen Review Panel, needed a strategic plan and partnered with consultants Nicole and Alli to complete it. 

Graphic congratulating our client Wyoming Citizen Review Panel on their strategic plan

Our Approach to Strategic Planning 

Creating a strategic plan with Public Knowledge® provides our clients with a solid foundation, becoming the decision-making guide for your program or organization. Our planning sessions provide you with:  

  • Clear actions 
  • Responsible parties 
  • Defined timelines  
  • Inclusive and engaging process 

By facilitating your planning efforts, we guide leaders and stakeholders to assist in defining or refining a vision. From there, we produce realistic strategies to help you reach your goals.  

“Public Knowledge® was very professional and well prepared in their work with our small Wyoming Non-profit. Staff members took the time to meet with us and truly listened to our concerns, and provided us with a great strategic plan work product at the end of the process. ”  

Bryan Cook 
Executive Director Wyoming Citizen Review Panel 

Centered on Co-Creating Customized Solutions 

Our firm approaches every project with the mindset of our clients being our partners throughout the process. As consultants, we bring an objective point of view. By listening to your challenges, we work with you to navigate those barriers. Our consultants listen to understand, not simply offer advice based on cookie-cutter methods.  

Flexible to Your Needs 

Whether working with a nonprofit like Wyoming Citizen Review Panel or a large agency, our process is the same. Public Knowledge® believes in giving all of our clients the same attention to detail, listening to understand, and finding creative solutions to the issues at hand.  

Our Clients Come First

We know that our clients bring significant insights into the problem at hand. When it’s time to bring in a consulting firm, our firm understands you need more than thought leaders; you need people who will take action. While our consultants have the expertise in policy and procedures, delivering high-quality results is the end goal.

See the Public Knowledge® Approach 

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