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Public Knowledge® Embodies and Lives Our Core Values

Every action we take is rooted in our values of inclusion, teamwork, and impact.

There’s more to running a business than making a profit. Public Knowledge® believes in embodying and living into our values every day. By prioritizing and making our values more than just a poster on a wall, we create a positive environment where everyone feels seen, included, and valued, genuinely fostering teamwork

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There are a variety of ways we do this, including:  

Annual Corporate Giving  

Every year, Public Knowledge® donates to non-profits aligning with our work and values. It’s important to us to share in our success and make an impact beyond our project work. 

PK Service Hours 

PK Cares gives our team members time to volunteer for causes and organizations important to them. It also encourages our people to be engaged in their local communities during the work week. PK’ers have used their time for packing meals, Habitat for Humanity builds, charity walks, reading programs for our youth, and more. These opportunities are often done in groups, impacting and improving our teamwork along the way. 

A Continuous DEIB-Focus  

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are not initiatives but a way of life at Public Knowledge®. It is one of our three core values, inclusion. We are constantly striving for and focusing on it, and it is in our DNA. 

Our approach to DEIB includes a group of leaders who guide our firm, facilitate conversations, and make recommendations regarding the direction of any changes or improvements needed on our DEIB journey. These conversations are integrated into our internal and external communication to ensure our team members, partners, and clients feel safe, included, and heard. We also believe this DEIB journey makes an impact far beyond our firm and team. 

Mental Health and Mindfulness is a Priority 

Our team members, families, and friends have access to the Calm App to encourage taking regular mental breaks, prioritizing mindfulness, creating healthy sleep habits, and supporting our firm in cultivating mental fitness. Additionally, our firm offers multiple Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to supply the right tools at the right time for mental health needs. 

Mindfulness is Powerful in an Ever-Changing World 

Today’s world is an increasingly complex mental challenge. We are navigating an increasingly challenging world with unprecedented change, causing mental and emotional exhaustion we’ve never seen before. This harms our personal lives and hurts our performance, productivity, and relationships at work. In addition, our President, Stacey Moss, believes it is our job as employers to take this new epidemic on, not to ignore it, and to support our team members through this new challenge.  

Maintaining mental health, strength, and agility requires more mindful and specific care to keep it healthy and increase its strength. In a constantly confusing, distracting, and changing world, this is vital to show up as the best version of ourselves. When your job requires your brain and mind to operate at high levels for success, your focus requires you to look at training your brain for impact

Green Initiatives 

We believe in doing our part to improve the world and make our impact, including taking care of the world we live in and driving change. Limited office space and an exclusively remote workforce allow us to reduce our carbon footprint.  

Professional Development and Growth Mindset 

We’re lifelong learners. One of the ways we support our people in their quest to expand their expertise is by providing allocated time and budget for professional development. Driven by our core value of inclusion, everyone is free to explore their chosen subjects. Ultimately, it ensures we are diversifying our skill sets. Additionally, we are building our teams for teamwork and making a more significant impact on our clients.  

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