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PMP® – Certified Consultants Keep Your Project on Track

Continuously dedicated to expanding our expertise.

Effective project management requires a unique blend of skills and expertise, from navigating scope creep and resource constraints to collaborating with stakeholders and mitigating risks. This is why our firm is consistently looking for ways to hone our consulting and project management approaches for optimal results.

Public Knowledge® (PK) Management Consultant Wendy Campau is PK’s newest Project Management Professional (PMP®)-certified consultant.

Learn More About Wendy

  • Expertise in child welfare financing and organizational operations and efficiencies.
  • Led efforts to maximize Title IV-E claims through quality assurance processes, development of Tribal-State agreements, and child and parent legal representation.
  • Prior program development experience, including performance-based contracting and Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) prevention plan.

Why Work with a PMP® – Certified Consultant?

Strategic Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Management consultants like Wendy possess excellent expertise in project management. They are highly adept at utilizing data and employing informed decision-making strategies to navigate through intricate challenges and minimize potential risks effectively.

Proactive Risk Management and Mitigation

In project management, the ability to manage risks is critical. An advantage of working with a PMP®-certified consultant is their comprehensive understanding of risk management principles and techniques. Proactively assessing project risks, they devise risk mitigation strategies and implement measures to minimize potential threats.

Effective Stakeholder Engagement

PMP® – certified consultants are skilled at managing diverse stakeholders, including clients, team members, and leadership. They understand the importance of communication, stakeholder engagement, and relationship building. Building strong stakeholder alliances creates alignment, manages expectations, and fosters a collaborative environment for project success.

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

At PK, we have the mindset that we are all lifelong learners. There is always an opportunity to learn something new. This is why professional development is an ongoing focus. Everyone receives dedicated time and budget to dedicate towards a professional development goal of their choosing, such as the PMP® certification.

Curating New Approaches to Help Our Clients Thrive

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