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PK Supports Wyoming’s Successful HIE Certification Review 

No matter the scope of the project, having the right people in your corner makes all of the difference. 

Our firm has a straightforward goal for every project we take on: to be a catalyst for positive outcomes. What does it mean to be a catalyst? It means providing the right blend of subject matter experts, resources, and methodologies. It allows us to customize our approach to the needs of the problem at hand. This is exactly what Public Knowledge® did for the Wyoming Department of Health, Division of Healthcare Financing (WY DHCF) to have a successful HIE Certification Review with MITRE and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  

“Not just the HIE technology, but also the way you’ve organized this review is efficient, you’re very prepared and makes our job easier.”


Turning Ideas into Action  

We know you have plenty of ideas; implementing those ideas can be difficult. Partnering with subject matter experts is the most straightforward way to pave your path to success.  

Our firm has the experts you need to navigate the challenges coming with any project. The consultants on our teams are adaptable, responsive, and thrive in taking proven methodologies and customizing them to your organization’s situation.  

“It was a big lift, you picked up the pieces that our vendor didn’t carry and that was valuable. I hope you can take this on to future clients and let them know when they certify their HIE’s that you can get through a CR in three hours, and you already know what they don’t know!” 


The Dynamic Team  

Management Consultants, Ron Puent, Nicole Alonzo, Sara Melendez, Alicia Foos, and Leah Steinle, prepared WY DHCF for their HIE Certification Review, leading to glowing feedback from MITRE.  

Completing this process in just three hours and resulting in only five questions throughout the entire presentation is a huge accomplishment. Their experience enabled the foresight needed to be able to address issues and concerns along the way. Additionally, it shows the remarkable work and preparation between Public Knowledge® and WY DHCF. 

Pushing the Boundaries on What is Possible 

Problem-solving is an art form and PK is always refining our approach. Our curiosity and passion for finding solutions to challenging solutions drive us to give our clients new, exciting ways to approach projects. Problems don’t have to be seen as problems—they are an opportunity. 

Let’s Team Up  

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